Front & Rear Brakes

Front & Rear Brakes

Most of the drives hit the brakes more than 200 times every day. Servicing a car’s front and rear brakes is important to maintain a safe and reliable car. Brakes repair isn’t something that you can leave to anyone. Having optimum braking power can make the difference between going to your home normally to your loved ones and a worse outcome. So, protect yourself and the passengers in your car with dependable front and rear brakes repair services at highly competitive prices from us. We understand that your brakes are much more than the brake pads. They are a system intended to stop your car as effectively and quickly as possible. Hence, it is vital to evaluate and service every part of your brake system while getting the repairs.

We are there to assist you with your brake repair and service requirements. We help service every make and model of cars, SUVs, and trucks, when it comes to brakes. We aim to keep the brakes of your vehicles in safe and the right working condition. We always stand behind all our jobs, in writing and guaranteed. Brake repair and service is a way our car repair Melbourne experts work to earn your business. Our brake experts can replace and repair all kinds of brakes and brake parts. Many car repair workshops don’t have the right equipment or trained technicians to diagnose the anti-lock brake system. However, we do. Our experts can assess the brakes and the brake pads to tell you how frequently should you replace them. They will also tell you the issue in place and give their recommendations for the brake repairs. We also offer same-day services for most of the cars. So, get your vehicles to our brake repair and service shops and get free brake inspections to find the repairs you need. We provide free brake inspection at our location. The right brake care and maintenance is vital to your safety, so we recommend routine brake inspection and maintenance of your brakes.

Signs of Brake Problems

Based on where you live, your brakes may be generating a lot of heat to control your vehicle’s speed. With brake servicing and repairs, you can guarantee that the brakes are in top shape and you know when you should get a brake service or repair. Our car repair Ravenhall experts can thoroughly inspect and fix your whole system. Right from brake pads, drums, discs, and shoes to the complicated antilock system, our experts can diagnose and fix the whole braking system at reasonable prices. Below is the list of the most common issues that can occur with your car brakes. If any of these materialize, call our experts and we will be happy to help you fix your brakes.

  • A burning smell
  • Grinding, squealing, and squeaking sounds
  • Car bouncing upward and downward
  • A vibrating, scraping, and wobbling sensation
  • Fluid leaking

Feature Pricing

Car Model Labor Cost Parts Cost Estimate
2016 MAZDA 3 SPORT $ 20.49 $ 44.99 $ 65.48
1989 GMC V3500 $ 18.00 $ 34.99 $ 52.99
1991 TOYATA CELICAS $ 25.99 $ 29.99 $ 55.98
FUEL HOSE $ 40.00 $ 34.99 $ 30.00
STERING HOSE $ 34.99 $ 29.99 $ 24.99