Clutch & Gearbox

Clutch & Gearbox

Manual clutches and gearboxes are prone to deterioration over time. So, if you begin to hear grinding, slipping, or crunching while changing your gear, it is time to reach us before you face more issues and the repair costs increases. We are a top clutch and gearbox repair and service providers for years. Our qualified and skilled mechanics can help you with any issues that you may have. On manual cars, the clutch pedal can disengage a clutch plate, enabling the cars to change gears. A gearbox is used for changing gears. Both the gear and the clutch are prone to deterioration because of the friction involved. No clutch or gearbox can last forever. With a lot of use, they can wear out quickly or if the car driver rides on the clutch – using the clutch pedal a lot.

We can quickly diagnose the clutch and gearbox related issues promptly. If you are experiencing a grinding noise while changing gears, then get your car to use immediately for a check. Slipping clutches can be the most common faults. We can recognize them easily as they make it hard to change gears. Our variety of Car Repair Melbourne services include everything ranging from fixing a broken down clutch cable to replacing the entire clutch kit. Mostly, the problem can be obvious and simple to fix, like replacing the fluid of the clutch. But sometimes, we cannot see what is wrong with it until we strip out the gearbox completely. So, we will ensure to offer a written estimate before we begin any work. This will help us keep you aware of any involved costs. We have the facility and the know-how to carry out clutch repair and also install second hand or reconditioned manual gearboxes and clutches for every make and model of vehicle. With our quick and smooth services, we can get you back on the roads in no time again. With years of serving this industry, you can rest assured knowing that we have seen and repaired all kinds of clutch and gearbox issues earlier.

We Will First Diagnose And Tell What Requires Fixing

Our car repair Ravenhall experts take a stepped strategy towards diagnosis. Ensure to call us before you come and we’ll ensure to listen carefully to your issues. We will then provide you a sign of what may be wrong and schedule an inspection. We love to get a complete understanding of the prospective issues before our clients come to us. It ensures that we possess the right mechanics to diagnose the issues and fix them in the right time. Once we perform the diagnosis, you will get a quote, underlining how much it will cost to fix the problem along with the timeline needed for repairs.

  • We are honest – trust us with your clutches and gearboxes
  • We are upfront – we offer a detailed estimate before beginning any work
  • We are experienced – all our mechanics have been working in this industry for years
  • We are skilled – we possess the knowledge and expertise to fix all clutch and gearbox related issues
  • We are on your side – our clients remain first for us.

Feature Pricing

Car Model Labor Cost Parts Cost Estimate
2016 MAZDA 3 SPORT $ 20.49 $ 44.99 $ 65.48
1989 GMC V3500 $ 18.00 $ 34.99 $ 52.99
1991 TOYATA CELICAS $ 25.99 $ 29.99 $ 55.98
FUEL HOSE $ 40.00 $ 34.99 $ 30.00
STERING HOSE $ 34.99 $ 29.99 $ 24.99